"we are here, tumbling down the rabbit hole, at the source, in the sunken forest, all is loose! where you are who you are when no one can see you"


Inspired by big brother Lowlands, that other famed Campingflight in the Flevopolder, we are going to take a three-day tumble in De Groene Heuvels (The Green Hills) park, hidden in the rolling land between the Maas and Waal rivers, neighbour to an underwater paradise with a centuries-old natural source. Idyllic indeed!

“Down The Rabbit Hole” says adventure, confusion, surrealism and psychedelics, which has been an inspiration for (psycho) rockers, DJs, artists, designers and filmmakers ever since the rise of the pop culture in the uncurbed 1960s… Good company, so get ready to tumble… It’s A Campingflight Down The Rabbit Hole!

And we will go down collectively, so be prepared. A frontrunner line-up on the stages and equal measures of thrill in and around those tents. It’s your party too, so: spin a record, cook a meal, build a raft, hip a hop. We’re out and we’re loose. But let’s party in a sustainable way: we’ll keep it green & clean. We have all the time in the world, there’s no rush. Take your time to dine, go meditate in the forest, lie down in the green pasture, swim for a bit, help build the tower, strum by the campfire, discover hidden discos… Have a ball with brand-new bands or finally see that classic artist in full swing. Build your own party and celebrate, enjoy what you do, all with an open mind.

What exactly we will do from 24 to 26 June 2016 is still a surprise… but grab your snorkel and let’s tumble down. It will take three days before we come up; there’s no one-day trip Down The Rabbit Hole. Bring your tent or camper to De Groene Heuvels in Beuningen (in the province of Gelderland) or make reservations later this year for another place to sleep, such as a bungalow or gypsy wagon or army tent… In short, pick your very own favourite hole.

Down The Rabbit Hole, where you are who you are when no one can see you.

The announcements for Down The Rabbit Hole 2016 so far...

The National
PJ Harvey
Mac DeMarco
Glen Hansard
Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires
Courtney Barnett
Ty Segall and the Muggers
Mura Masa
Sun Kil Moon
Dubioza Kolektiv
The London Souls
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band
Sonido Gallo Negro

More to come soon....



Tickets are on sale now!

- Rapid Rabbit ticket: available till February 1. Buy your festival ticket including camp site for only €99,- There are only 8.000 Rapid Rabbit tickets! Don't forget to bring your own tent.
Buy your ticket here >>>

-Regular festival ticket: available from February 1. A regular festival ticket will cost you €125 including camp site. Don't forget to bring your own tent! 
Available from February 1


- Parking ticket: if you come by car or motorcycle to Down The Rabbit Hole, you'll need a parking ticket. During the pre-sale period the parking ticket costs €15. On the festival grounds, the parking ticket is €25. 
Buy your parking ticket here>>>

- Camper Camping ticket: There is a special campsite for RVs and trailers, for which you need an additional Camper Camping ticket. You only need one ticket for one RV or trailer, regardless of the number of people staying there.
Buy you Camper Camping ticket here>>>


There are no day tickets available. 

Watch out for Scalpers. Only buy your tickets at official ticket website ticketmaster.nl

A regular festival ticket includes a camp site ticket, but don't forget to bring your own tent. If you don't feel like lugging about your own stuff or sleeping in a tent, there are other options!

Check this website for all additional options and make a reservation.


Camper Caravan Camping
It is also possible to bring your own camper or caravan. In this case you need an additional Camper Camping ticket. You need just one ticket per camper, caravan or trailer, regardless of the number of people staying there. You can buy a Camper Camping ticket here.


Where and when?
Down The Rabbit Hole 2016 takes place at De Groene Heuvels (The Green Hills) park at Beuningen (GLD), Holland. De Campingflight takes place during Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June. You can arrive at the campsite at Thursday 23.

Minimum age?
There is no minumum age but we advise you to be at least 16 years old when you visit the festival.

Alcohol and smoking?
At Down The Rabbit Hole under-age visitors (< 18) are not allowed to buy and/or consume alcoholic drinks. Furthermore, visitors of 18 years and older are not allowed to pass on alcoholic beverages to under-age visitors. Offenders will receive a warning the first time, but will be removed from the festival grounds after a second offence. At the request of Down The Rabbit Hole organizers, security personnel and other staff, you will show your ID, so your age can be established. Under-age visitors will receive a different wristband that does not allow them to buy alcoholic drinks. At Down The Rabbit Hole, smoking is only allowed in the open air. In the buildings and tents and beneath canopies, smoking not allowed. Visitors under 18 are not allowed to buy cigarettes at Down The Rabbit Hole.




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